Welcome to the James Talisman site and blog. Along with a new passion for writing fiction and sharing it with the world, I’ve always been interested in learning as much as I can on a number of subjects. Some of my current interest include concepts related to ancient wisdom, quantum physics, the true nature of reality, and New Paradigms for creating more humane economic and social structures.

I personally find the ancient wisdom tradition perceptions of reality to be the most accurate I have seen in all my years of searching. As we study the works from so long ago, we find they actually mirror many of the same conclusions that modern quantum physics scientist are finding through experimentation and study of the reality we are all a part of.

The true beauty of the conclusions and theories being developed is that we each have far more power and ability to create the future we want than was ever believed. The inner truly does create the outer, and it is imperative that we discover within ourselves this powerful truth.

Along with my passions for writing fiction stories and learning how to become a master of ancient wisdom traditions and reality creation, I also would love to see new developments surrounding how our world’s societies interact with each other.

My research into this subject seems to indicate it’s time to look at building social and economic structures that take into account the unity that is at the core of our human species. It is my opinion that these frameworks are overdue for change. It’s time we developed systems that allow every human being on the planet the ability to truly enjoy and explore this incredible world we all share. The advances in today’s technologies could definitely allow us all to live satisfying and fulfilling lives.

As I continue to develop this site and blog, I want to convey some of what I have learned and explore new ideas surrounding the subjects closest to my heart right now. As a constantly developing human, I’m sure I’ll add to this as time moves forward in this reality we all share. Thanks for stopping by.

Namaste, James