This site was developed to talk about concepts related to ancient wisdom, quantum physics, and the true nature of reality. I personally find the ancient wisdom tradition perceptions of reality to be the most accurate I have seen in all my years of searching. As we study the works from so long ago, we find they actually mirror many of the same conclusions that modern quantum physics scientist are finding through experimentation and study of the reality we are all a part of. The true beauty of the conclusions and theories being developed is that we each have far more power and ability to create the future we want than was ever believed. The inner truly does create the outer, and it is imperative that we discover within ourselves this powerful truth.


James enjoys mountain biking, traveling, and spending wonderful family time with his wife and daughter. He also truly values his extended family and great friends.

As an avid student and explorer of ancient wisdom traditions, James wrote Journeys Through SpaceTime to try and convey ancient concepts through the time honored tradition of story-telling. As the story progressed, he found a true joy in writing fiction and plans to continue writing more stories.