Journeys Through… Books

Explore multiple worlds and the amazing characters that inhabit them. Enjoy the MultiVerse through the mind of James Talisman. Unusual concepts never before explored in this particular manner are experienced in these stories. Immerse yourself in these amazing worlds and the adventures each character encounters as they strive to create their desired realities.

Book 1: Journeys Through SpaceTime

A mysterious voice is heard in the minds of inhabitants across multiple worlds within the vast MultiVerse of space and time…

An exciting journey of adventure and discovery develops as a sword master’s son, a powerfully enlightened Queen, a skilled warrior, an “ordinary” college student from Earth, a reptilian humanoid scientist, and a wise and beautiful leader of a utopian world use their wits and newly acquired skills to battle evil forces bent on ensuring “reality” forms as they desire.

Puzzlement ensues as special mentors appear and seem to defy what “reality” means. Wielding “godlike” powers, these teachers help illuminate the secrets of all creation.

Witness the powerful link of unity that seems to embody all participants in this incredible struggle of “good” versus “evil”.

With powerful ideals forged on each side of this ancient battle, will one become the victor in the end?

Book 2: Journeys Through TimeSpace

As an ancient battle of ideals resonates across the vast MultiVerse of time and space, the stakes could not be greater for Earth…

Two spectacular treasure hunts full of adventure and sacrifice ensue through time and space as three former college students and a reptilian humanoid leader attempt to fulfill their destinies.

Successfully locating these extremely valuable treasures could not be more important for the seekers. As the clock ticks in this race through time and space, who will win the prize and achieve their ultimate desires?

Ancient skills are learned and developed on both sides of this age-old battle of wits and the quintessential ideas surrounding how “reality” should be manifest throughout All Creation.

Will Earth and her inhabitants succumb to the dark fate foretold or can the chosen defenders overcome incredible odds and time itself to secure victory?