As Above; So Below – As Within; So Without

The words in the title of this post are in fact one of the seven main principles taught by Hermes Trismegistus, author of the Hermetic Corpus and originator of the powerful concepts explored in The Kybalion. In my novel Journeys Through SpaceTime, this powerful doctrine was interlaced throughout the adventures within the book’s stories. In fact, the novel’s prologue introduces a special symbol inscribed with the Tree-of-Life. The emblem of a huge tree with many branches on top intertwined with the same upside down tree is a representation of this Tree-of-Life and the powerful concepts As Above; So Below and As Within; So Without.

One of the scenes later in the book again talks about the Tree-of-Life and its importance. My loving wife, Colleen, and her staff at Itsy Bitsy Book Bits designed an image that includes a passage from that scene in the novel which includes this Tree-of-Life. I loved this image so much, I wanted to share it with everyone in this post.

So just what do these strange words mean? First, lets look at the phrase As Above; So Below. In most ancient wisdom traditions, the supposition that all creation is the result of an Infinite Mind or Source is prevalent throughout all the ancient texts. These ancient teachings also suggest that each of our individual consciousness is indeed part of the vast consciousness that created everything. Because of the holographic nature found throughout creation, the ancient teachings of Hermes inform us that each one of us has the same creative powers possessed by the Infinite-Conscious-Creator that has been called the Infinite Consciousness among other names associated with the Source of all creation. While degrees of abilities may be in play for sure, it is still exciting to imagine that we each could have an impact on our personal reality and the consensus reality that surrounds us.

Next, lets look at the expression As Within; So Without. Another major thread found within ancient teachings is the concept that what is created inside must become reality on the outside. Due to this powerful doctrine, the phrase As Within; So Without is actually telling us that what we constantly think about both consciously and subconsciously inside can become our physical reality on the outside in time. Once truly understood, it encourages us to evaluate our thoughts and to try our best to always keep them centered on what we want rather than what we don’t want. While it sounds easy, I think most of us know that keeping negative thoughts and beliefs out of our head is a very hard task indeed. When we can focus primarily on what we intend or desire, events, positive circumstances, and physical manifestations become more and more common in our lives.

Personally, I find the words As Above; So Below and So Within; So Without to be extremely powerful axioms that convey valuable truths that I can incorporate into my life to help achieve my intentions. To remind myself of the innate abilities we all possess, I wear a talisman with the upper and lower Tree-of-Life inscribed on it. Below is a picture of the talisman.

Namaste, James