Introduction: Manifesting Our Full Potential

Wanted to talk a little bit about manifesting and how we can use manifestations to achieve our greatest intentions and truly create the life we desire. Just want to say upfront that I’m still a student and haven’t got this all figured out by any means. I have found, certain beliefs and ways of approaching our goals and desires seem to work for me most of the time.

So, what do we mean when we say we’re manifesting something? From my personal research on the subject of manifestations, the art of manifesting is to bring an internal thought or desire into an outward physical expression. I believe most of us are familiar with the normal way this is done. We think about what we would like and then we put in tons of physical effort to try and make our dream a reality. While I in no way want to suggest that there will be no actions necessary to achieve our goals, my research and experience has shown me that much of the work involved should be internal rather than external. So, just what does that mean, and what are some of the steps we can do to make this internal work effective?

In my novel Journeys Through SpaceTime, I introduce the concept of a vast mind and consciousness that encompasses the entire multiverse of creation. While I would love to take credit for that perception of reality(not really 😊), it is a view that has been expounded upon through eons of time. Many ancient wisdom traditions present the concept that we are all part of an Infinite Mind that both created and surrounds All-That-Is. This powerful theory suggest that each individual consciousness is part of this Infinite Consciousness as well. With that said, could it be possible that we could use this vast source of power and knowledge to create change in our own lives?

For me, it seems logical that if my mind and consciousness is connected to the Source of all creation, then perhaps I have the ability to create as well. Another interesting idea suggested by these ancient wisdom texts is that the Infinite Mind created the vast multiverse through conscious thought. Wow, does that mean we could create physical matter from thoughts alone as well? In theory, I believe that is true, but for most of us, we will most likely need some help. For me personally, I plan to explore how far I can go with my manifestation skills, but in the meantime, I will continue to utilize the vast knowledge and power available for each of us to seek guidance and create circumstances for manifesting my intentions.

What I’m discovering is that one of the most fundamental ways to realize my desires is to hold a belief that the intention I wish to manifest is guaranteed and will happen as planned. This is where things get tricky for most of us, because we are all so stuck in only believing in what we can see and touch that we cannot produce the powerful emotions needed to ensure our thoughts will become reality. All of the ancient wisdom I have studied indicate that above all else, our beliefs and ongoing thoughts are what truly produce the reality we experience. Most of us create on autopilot, so our creations do not always match our desires. Sometimes, they can be downright contradictory to what we really want! (this I know from experience 😊)

What I have personally discovered in my own pursuit of these innate powers for manifestation, is that while the steps for creating our chosen reality is relatively straight forward and easy to understand, putting those steps into effective practice requires a lot of time and effort to eliminate old and useless beliefs that seem to muck up the process. Fortunately, it does seem to get easier the more you pursue this path towards mastery of esoteric wisdom and the associated techniques of manifestation. I plan to post further on this fascinating subject in the near future. I would recommended that if these words have produced a spark of interest, you pursue this path to its conclusion. I’m finding it’s definitely worth the time and effort.

Namaste, James